Blog: Starting a social enterprise in IT: things are getting serious

Startup adventures: 

Benedicta, Stanley, and Diana are starting Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions: a social enterprise that will be training and employing young IT professionals in Africa. Diana blogs about their experiences.

BLOG 1 – Things are getting serious: we are starting an enterprise!

Hoe kunnen scholen besturen op basis van feiten?

De ervaringen van Lucas Onderwijs met de invoering van een managementdashboard: vanaf 2014 zijn dagelijkse gegevens uit de eigen IT systemen een actief sturingsinstrument bij de beslissingen van schoolleiders en bestuur.

My summer education project: taking a MOOC in data science

Ten weeks ago I decided  to enroll for a MOOC (online college) via Coursera for the first time of my life. As I have discussed in earlier blogs, we live in an era with many innovations where  professionals are confronted with the necessity to reinvent themselves.  Our personal competences will have to keep pace with these changes, and we need to adapt.